On Tour With Howie Lyons

Howie Lyons has toured the USA four times over at some of the most prestigious music festivals, Native American gatherings, National museums, colleges and universities.

Howie has an ear for harmonies and melodies that comes from his early years of musical influence of Motown, country, rhythm and Blues, rockabilly, jazz, and bluegrass. His compositions are a melting pot of all that including his own unique style that has made him a standout music artist. His music is timeless and his voice has a familiar tone that makes you want to hear more. He compares to Paul Simon, John Denver and Neil Young.

As member of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy, Mohawk Nation, Wolf Clan Haudenosaunee, Howie travels all over the U.S.A. performing and teaching people about Iroquois and Mohawk culture while tying it all into American history. He sings the traditional songs of his people as well as his own compositions, which he calls Native Folk, a style he developed himself.

His Native Folk music is a unique blend of Native American, world beat, folk, and mainstream pop. It features Lyons rich voice with the sounds of acoustic and electric guitars, violin, mandolin, drums and percussion. The lyrics are thought provoking and convey messages of respect and gratitude.

Howie Lyons' touring schedule is less active, but he continues to write, compose and record music while making it available through the internet music markets.

Watch for Howie's next live performance concert.