Booking Howie Lyons

For Bookings & Inquiries:

Please contact Howard Lyons directly at 1-603-303-9418 or use our contact form.

Contract Information:

  • Event booking agreements will be signed no less than six months prior to your event date.
  • Travel and lodging provisions will be discussed and agreed upon with a contract agreement.
  • A deposit of 50% of event fee will be due no less than one month prior to the event date.

Promotional Materials:

Advertisement and promotional materials for your event will be provided by Howard Lyons at the time of signing of the Performance Contract. The Artist will approve all media promotional material prior to public release.

Technical Requirements:

  • A quality house sound PA and monitors
  • A sound technician
  • Lighting with colored gels (Red, Blue, Green)
  • 1-8 channel mixer/PA that will accommodate monitor speakers
  • 2- Shure SM 58 microphones on telescope boom stands with cables
  • DI box for instrument connection into the main PA system
  • A sound check at least one hour prior to the performance