SkyDome Records

Howard Lyons, Singer - Songwriter - Musician - Cultural EducatorSkyDome Records is a independent recording label created by Howard Lyons to retain his personal creative and artistic integrity, unlike corporate commercial record labels which strips the personal integrity out of the music and the artist to become more cookie cutter to cator to the music industry standards.  SkyDome Records also offers assistance to other musicians, singers, and songwriters. SkyDome Records works to retain and preserve Native American culture and history by providing first hand insight and information to educational institutions and historical societies.

Most Recently, SkyDome Records released a new recording Reach Within produced by Howard Lyons featuring musicians from South Florida and beyond. Howard Lyons approached a small recording studio in the Redlands of S. Florida jammed packed with awesome gear and a Pro Tools engineer who's passion lies in music creation.  Scott Cousino, Owner, and Paul Deagling Engineer had a long list of talented musicians whos instruments were very fitting for the list of songs that would be produced. 

Special Musical Guests:

  • Joamme Shenandoah -  Harmony vocals on Yahne Yah Ho
  • Paulie Cerra - Rhodes piano, saxophones, acoustic piano, harmony vocals and accented drums.
  • Howie Lyons - Composer, arranger, songwriter, main and harmony vocals, acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, various rhythmic shakers.
  • Michelle Libby - Backing and harmony vocals
  • Scott Cousino - Electric bass guitar
  • Josh Aberman - Acoustic upright bass
  • Mario Carajal - Drums
  • Jack Stamatis - Violin and recorder
  • Scott Emmons - Electric guitar
  • Luis Gonzalez - Latin Congas
  • Shawn Sutta - Hammon B3 organ, acoustic piano, and electric piano
  • Dana Keller - Pedal steel guitar, Dobro

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