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Howard Lyons, Singer - Spirit Walk Album 2011 CD, Contemporary folk music with Native American roots.
  • Produced and mixed by Howard Lyons Music
    Composition and arrangements
  • Published by SkyDome Records (ASCAP)
  • Recorded at Redlands Recording Studio, Redlands, Florida
  • Mastered by Michael Fuller at FULLERSOUND, Inc.,
REACH WITHIN a brilliant array of styles and textures showcasing country/folk, pop, and Native American chant. Howard Lyons is a unique writing captures your attention from the word go. His rich voice sounds so familiar and is a pure pleasure to listen to.

Reach Within showcases an awesome lineup of musicians that make each song a true master piece.

Special musical guests artists JOANNE SHENANDOAH of the Oneida Nation sings with Howard on the Native American anthem chant "Yahne Yah Ho" (a celebration of life) and PAULIE CERRA offers his saxophone on the title track Reach Within, Guitar and sax, and Departure with Sax.

REACH WITHIN can be ordered directly from CD BABY or Email Howard Lyons


Howard Lyons, Singer - Spirit Walk Album 2001 CD, World Beat
  • Produced by Brandon Friesen & Tom Bee for the SOAR (Sound of America Records) Corporation, Albuquerque, NM
  • Recorded mixed and mastered at Studio 11 Inc., Winnipeg, Canada
  • Published by Firedrum Music (ASCAP) and SkyDome Music (ASCAP)
Award-winning musician Howard Lyons has been creating that blends the traditional sounds and values of his Mohawk culture with contemporary sensibilities for almost two decades. This is second nature to Howard Lyons' music composition, arrangement and singing songwriting capabilities. His singing voice has been compared to that of Paul Simon, John Denver and Neil Young.

SPIRIT WALK an album of pop-style Native American music with international appeal and marketability, features the rich, velvety voice of Lyons along with the sounds of acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and percussion. Lyrically, SPIRIT WALK is a thought-provoking album. On the poignant "Mother Earth Our Holy Place," Lyons contemplates society's blatant disregard for natural resources. Other songs like "Woman's Honor Chant" and "Elders Honor Song" combine his unique music style with messages of respect and gratitude.

SPIRIT WALK by 2001 Native American Music Award Association (NAMMY) nominee Howard Lyons is a magnificent blend of inspirational Native American songs and chants unified with intricate ambient/ world beat music. SPIRIT WALK was nominated for Best Album of the Year and Best Songwriter in 2002. In 2002, he was also a GRAMMY Entry and finalist for Best Native American Artist and Singer Songwriter for his Spirit Walk Recording.

SPIRIT WALK CD can be ordered directly from the SOAR Corporation web site or phone number: 505-268-6110. Also available at, CD Universe:, and Southwest Jewels:


Howard Lyons, Singer - Hopes and Dreams Album 2001 CD, Contemporary Folk music with Native American flavoring.
  • Produced and Mixed by Howard Lyons, music composition and arrangements
  • Published by SkyDome Records, Inc. (ASCAP)
  • Nominated for Best Folk Recording by the Native American Music Awards Association (NAMMY)
HOPES and DREAMS is a totally brilliant and creative blend of Howard Lyons' Mohawk culture and contemporary folk music. As a unique AWARD WINNING singer, songwriter, composer, and performing artist, Lyons is a trail blazer in today's Native American music scene.

HOPES and DREAMS is spiritually refreshing and gives listeners a vibrant blend of upbeat ballads, Native American chants that honor the Iroquois culture and beautiful love songs.

Special musical guest JOANNE SHENANDOAH of the Oneida Nation compliments the rich voice of Howard Lyons perfectly as demonstrated on three tracks of this attractive debut recording. Described and recognized by other leaders in the Native American music movement, Lyons is noted as having an outstanding singing voice and this album is a showcase piece of his work.

HOPES and DREAMS is a folk CD with a touch of reality. Lyons has taken life's twists of fate and put those feelings and experiences into words. Not laded with traditional forms of music, there is just a touch of drums, and rattles and fute. There are however, guitar, saxophone, violin and more. With the guitar style Lyons has, this CD will keep you interested and keep you moving. All you folk music lovers will totally love this one. Put this CD on and get in touch with your own Hopes and Dreams.

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